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Hi, I have a 2010 vivaro 2900 cdti lwb
And the battery is kaput. It is a renault Varta battery stamped feb 2010 so I am guessing it’s the original.

When I input my vehicles reg in to tayna batteries website (and most others) it recommends I use an 096 battery but then says to check dimensions against existing battery. Well the 096 batteries are 278mm long but my old battery is 313mm.
So to be sure to be sure I rang tayna up.
To explain my battery was bigger than the battery they recommend the gentleman suggested I go for 110 which is 315mm long but not as tall as the one I have being 175mm as opposed to mines 190mm.

I have measured the battery tray and it is bang on 315mm between the side and a plastic stop.

There’s not much in the price between the two Bosch batteries in mind but the 110 has slighty more ah and cranking amps.
I fear I am completely over thinking this.
Finally my questions are.
Is the 77ah and 780 cca Bosch s5008 096 battery up to the job?
Or should I go for the 85 ah 800 cca Bosch s5010 110? And will it even fit being it’s published length 315mm is exactly the size of the battery tray?

please help as I am going around in circle. Trying to find which battery to buy.

thank you in advance.
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