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There is no replacement for displacement
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A mate of mine has an 03 plate Corsa with the tiptronic style gearbox. This is the one which is essentially a manual gearbox with 3 motors that control the clutch and select the gears.

The issue he is having is it won't start. He thought it might be the 'park' isolator, but he's had the centre console out and there doesn't seem to be one, just one circuit board near the gear selector. There is an 'F' coming up on the display and when he reads the fault codes it says that there is no input from the gearstick.

Has anybody else experienced this problem, or know how to solve it? Does it need the whole circuit board replacing, and is there another sensor or magnet in the gearstick used to locate the position of the gearstick?

As always, any help greatly appreciated! :Cool2::Cool2:
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