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  1. Large Vauxhalls
    Hi All, ive just replaced the Timing & Balance chains and tensioners etc on my 2.2 vectra B... On initial start up after completion, there was a lot of tapping for a good couple of minutes until it quietened down to normal, which I put down to the new oil circulating around the engine and...
  2. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    can anyone help with my car? Astra 2.2i z22se. It's developed another interesting problem... Sitting idling, randomly it will develop a misfire when started, sounds like it's only running on two/three cylinders, if I Rev it, it picks up and then runs normally... Sometimes I feel it misfire when...
  3. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    astra coupe, 2.2 z22se.. Sitting with engine up to temp, occasionally heater temp drops away inside car, Rev it slightly (1500) and it comes back through hot instantly.. The engine temperature drops from nearly 90 down to under 80.. I'm not too worried as the engine has never cooked or had any...
  4. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    So I have an astra 2.2 running z22se, my old vectra snapped and I don't want it happening to this car, but I hear it developing. I'm going to buy a timing chain kit, is there anything else I should be getting swapped while that's off? I'm hearing about a balancer chain kit, but I don't even...
1-4 of 4 Results