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  1. Help needed identifying fuel evaporation hose

    Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Meriva, Adam, Agila, Combo
    Hello all, Hope everyone's keeping safe. I'm looking to get some advice on identifying the correct part number for a fuel evaporation hose on a 2004 Zafira A 1.8 petrol Z18XE. The one currently on the car has a split. I've been referring to the parts diagram below: From the parts diagram...
  2. 2002 Zafira A 1.8L - Very rough idle and losing power

    Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Meriva, Adam, Agila, Combo
    I have a 2002 Vauxhall Zafira A 1.8 that is acting up. The car has gotten worse and worse these past months. My wife had a scary incident where she lost all power on the freeway and had to stop. After starting the car again it barely had enough power to get moving. It has almost no power, and...
  3. Z18XE, Zafira - Random hose connects to nowhere.

    Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Meriva, Adam, Agila, Combo
    Hi I have Z18XE engine and today when I was cleaning my engine bay I noticed a hose that was hiding behind the fusebox, I saw dust on it so I wanted to clean it and then I realised that it connects to nothing and moves about freely, does anyone know what this hose does? 1 end goes to my...
  4. [Astra Mk5/H] [04-09] All rear lights, wiper, front electric windows and fuel gauge stop working

    Car Audio / Electrical / Security / Diagnostic Rel
    hi, wondering if anyone can help. ive been having more and more frequent issues where when i first start up the car its fine but then all of a sudden the fuel gauge stops working which in turn all rear lights wiper and front electric windows stop working it used to only last for about 5 minutes...
  5. Wanted Astra z18xe ecu

    Wanted Forum
    im looking for a reset or supplied with passcode ecu for Astra z18xe 55559272 I’m in Milton Keynes area, can travel to collect but no more than 100 miles.. If you can help please post a photo and contact details..
  6. [Astra Mk5/H] [04-09] Astra Z18XE strange 02 sensor behaviour..please help

    Car Audio / Electrical / Security / Diagnostic Rel
    Good afternoon Vxon.. Been having issues with my 1.8 Astra z18xe. I’m using op-com but have been trying to diagnose a lean condition from sensor 2 for about a week showing low voltage. After removing a few plugs and plugging them back in I now have a problem with sensor 1. When checking the...
  7. [Astra Mk4/G] [98-04] Engine won't turn over and loud clicking sound.

    Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Meriva, Adam, Agila, Combo
    A couple weeks ago I got a new cool pack for my mk 4 Astra and now it won't turn over and there is a loud clicking coming from somewhere near the air box. I've tried checking all the fuses, relays and switch. The check engine light and car with spanner light is flashing. Can anyone help me out...
  8. [Astra Mk4/G] [98-04] Just rebuilt my Z18XE - Need some help.

    Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Meriva, Adam, Agila, Combo
    Hi all, Ok so I posted a thread not so long ago about my astra 1.8 2002 cutting out. Well, it started to lose water due to a water pump failure on the seal, so seeing as it's done 162k miles, I decided to do an engine removal and rebuild. I took the head off, removed the vales and everything...
  9. [Astra Mk4/G] [98-04] Z18xe/z18xer manifolds

    Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Meriva, Adam, Agila, Combo
    Hi I drive a mk4 1.8 sxi Astra 52 reg, I'm just about to do a lpg conversation but I need to know the differences from the z18xe inlet manifold to the z18xer manifold, The lpg system is fitted to a vectra at the moment with the z18xer engine, so to make my life easyer I was hopping to just swap...
  10. [Tigra B] [04-09] Coolant Temp Sensor or Thermostat - Running Rich

    Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Meriva, Adam, Agila, Combo
    Hi Guys, The engine in my Tigra is the Z18XE. It used to run really lumpy and idle rough. The rough idling was cured (a bit) when i replaced the MAF and the o2 sensor (bank 1). If i rev the engine to 6000 rpm then let the accelerator go back up to resting position quickly, the needle comes down...
  11. [Vectra B] [95-02] My Vectra z18xe repair

    Cavalier, Calibra, Vectra, Signum, Sintra & Insign
    Hi there. My Vectra z18xe 2001 have been parked for a couple of years now and its about time to have this "sculpture" out of my garden. Apart from being neglected while on the road, the car suffers a lot from these years of standstill. The car didnt run well last days on the road - but starts...