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  1. For Sale Set of four Goodyear UltraGrip 165/70 R13 wintertyres on wheels for Corsa 'B' or similar

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    Winter tyres on Corsa 'B' steel wheels. Goodyear ULTRA GRIP 7+ 165/70 R13 79T They fit Corsa models from 1993 to 2000 and some other small vauxhalls. They tyres (and perhaps the wheels also) may be suitable for other small cars of the 1990s but please check before buying. The date code is...
  2. Keeping car clean (ish) in the winter

    General chat
    I usually wash the car weekly but the last couple of weeks, it's the same every year, it's dirty again within a day. I don't have time to wash the car more than once weekly, well rather it's not light any time I'm at home during the week. What I have been doing is just turning on the hose to...