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  1. Car Audio / Electrical / Security / Diagnostic Rel
    My Vectra has been sitting for a few months not being driven as i'd just switched vehicles and it was waiting for MOT (crazy backlog in NI lately!). I managed to get it through MOT after a replacing the battery and a spring but i've got a few DTCs stored on it and it's been a bit difficult to...
  2. Large Vauxhalls
    Hello, guys. I have a 2002 Vectra C 2.2 DTI with a 5-speed manual and I love my car. Anyway, when I bought the car, it was not running due to a broken engine. Got the car a used engine and it works perfectly, however, I've been noticing that when the fuel level is low (about 55 miles or 90 km...
  3. Large Vauxhalls
    Hi all, So I’ve lost 5th and 6th gear in my vectra 1.9 CDti. It will go into reverse, 1,2,3,4. But when trying 5th and 6th it’s like something is stopping it. I randomly lost 5th and 6th whilst Driving no noises no crunching etc. Car is still driving fine too. Any suggestions as to what this...
  4. Large Vauxhalls
    Does anyone got VXR Steering wheel fitted on Signum? Any Photos?
  5. Large Vauxhalls
    I have a 2006 vectra 1.9 cdTI would 5w30 c3 Castrol stop start be good enough. It’s the no dpf car. Mileage is 103.000 Already brought the oil as that’s what Eurocrats parts recommendations but not changed yet. Just wounded in you guys oppinion
  6. Large Vauxhalls
    Hi, me driving Vectra C GTS, 2.2 dti. Have a problem with my drivers side window. It won't open. Other windows open with buttons and with keylock. It sudenly stopped working :( Is this a problem with window motor? :(
  7. Large Vauxhalls
    Hi My 56 plate signum 1.9cdti has got the spanner light on and will not rev above 3500 rpm. I've plugged one cheap code reader and a mates more expensive code reader both showed no codes. Ive done the pedal test this also shows no codes. Maf has been cleaned and is working fine tomorrow will...
  8. Large Vauxhalls
    :) Hello everyone, sorry for my ENG ..... I need some help with my Vectra Im getting a U2112-71 code from op-com as an unknown code , that should be an ERROR in CDC but I dont know exactly which part of it , where should I look? what can be bad? Wiring looking o.k. ....Shock after replacement...
  9. Large Vauxhalls
    I have a 1.8 Vectra C on an 02 plate and this problem occurred suddenly with no warning. When the engine is turned off or is idling then I can change up through the gears with no problem at all. When I am driving though, changing up requires quite a bit of oomf. In fact, the easiest way to...
  10. Large Vauxhalls
    Hi everyone, SO i have just brought a 2007 (57) Vectra C SRI CDTI. 1.9. On driving it back from Ilford to Canterbury i noticed that the temp gauge on the dash is hoovering around the low 80's if at all moving of the needle. WHen i gave it some boot and got up to a higher speed it moved up to...
  11. Large Vauxhalls
    Dash light came on... decided to look at engine and check oil etc.. notice oil stains... anyone know what caused this? Big issue? How much to fix?
  12. Large Vauxhalls
    I decided to treat my old (05) Vectra estate to a new water pump, cam belt, Aux belt, oil change, and spark plugs. (plus a few filters and coolant) I got my 14 year old to help as he is cheap, and could learn a thing or two. All went well except sprocket on cam 1 span when adjusting the belt...
  13. Large Vauxhalls
    Any idea why my power steering would be heavy? Seem to notice it more at slow speeds, seems like the wheel doesn't want to return after turning at a junction. Mick
  14. Large Vauxhalls
    Hi, need help on couple things: 1. when I bought a car (Vectra C GTS, 2003', 2.2dti 92kw) a saw this part hanging: 2. What connects here to the fuel filter (I think this is a fuel filter? ):
  15. Car Audio / Electrical / Security / Diagnostic Rel
    Have standard NCDC 2015 audio system with 4 cd changer. CDs plays only on right speakers only... (Broken laser?) Considering to buy something with android unit. Any recommendations? By the way is there a android unit with closing cover? Where I live there are some thieves which love audio stuff...
  16. Large Vauxhalls
    Guys, need help. Me driving 2003 Vectra C GTS, 2.2 dti, 92kw. On cold start (let's say in the morning) I get this light: When I push the gas pedal this light comes off and not shows. No other warning lights. I didn't saw any performance down or other stuff.... Tried to see if there is any...
  17. Large Vauxhalls
    Hi, I apologise if this is completely idiotic but what type of bulb fit the interior lights for when door is open etc. I believed that it was W5W and after buying led size w5w they don't fit. Now the mistake I made is probably something todo with the type of bulbs. What are CANBUS and I take...
  18. Large Vauxhalls
    i have a pre-facelight vectra and currently fitting a reversing camera (only as it came free with my headunit). having only just got the car i am unsure on some things, i have found which power cable runs the reverse light already however. 1) is the car run on a canbus system. 2) if not where...
  19. Large Vauxhalls
    How do I remove cig lighter? I have removed surrounding trim but lighter itself doesn't seem to pop out. The back wires that plug into it are out and I can't get my hand round to pop them back. Cheers Neil
  20. Large Vauxhalls
    I bought a 2006 2.0 turbo petrol Vectra SRI yesterday. I tested it before I bought it and there was no problem. When I left the sellers yard I drove for 10 minutes until I reached the motorway, heading down the on ramp I lost all power and was forced into the hard shoulder. When I got it home I...
1-20 of 45 Results