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vectra 1.9 cdti
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    Hi My vectra recently failed the MOT due to: "Nearside Front Macpherson strut insecure and impairing directional stability shock absorber top loose in top bush/ possible coil overs incorrectly adjusted (5.3.3 (a) (ii))" Anybody know if this is an easy fix and how to do it? Thanks.
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    Hi new member with question I have a 20061.9 cdti sri 5 door and i would like to replace the rear roll bar bushes ,rear tie rods and springs just for peace of mind, but having problem with the correct springs. Ebay next to useless enterd reg number came up with an 08 vehicle Euro car parts &...
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    Vectra ‘C’ 2006. I’ve been given a quote of £600 to replace which seems a bit steep, or is it realistic. I would appreciate your thoughts Thanks Julian
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    Car is a Vectra 1.9 cdti SRi. I'm about the ask a local garage to blank off the EGR and fix the swirl pot bar which has fallen off. Apparently this needs fixing in place. I have a few questions though - even after searching and reading these forums. What are the differences between a blanking...
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    Hi all since owning the vectra cdti 150. The temp needle takes ages to move. I drive say 10-15 mile before the needle starts to creep up. But saying that even when needle is on zero it still blows walm are out the vents . Could this be a faulty thermostat or temp sensor or maybe some air in the...
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    To remove the inlet manifold from my vectra 1.9 cdti sri 150. Does the cam belt need to be took off. Some say yes and no. Thinking of having a go of blanking my swirl flaps off my self. But how hard is it to remove the inlet manifold. Any tips and advice is appreciated. And does it require and...
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    Recently the car had been struggling to start and maintain a smooth idle. When running idle was rough like a misfire cause? But now it’s unabke to start you can hear it trying to fire but won’t get there. Plugged up to computer came up with these codes as seen in pictures. And tried boost pack...
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    Hi all recently my vectra 56 plate cdti 150 Sri. First time starting seems to struggle you can hear it trying to fire but takes a good 5 mins switching on n off to get it running. And then it’s pretty lumpy until walm. Could this be glow plugs. Sometimes even when the car is running fine and up...
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    I have a 2006 vectra 1.9 cdTI would 5w30 c3 Castrol stop start be good enough. It’s the no dpf car. Mileage is 103.000 Already brought the oil as that’s what Eurocrats parts recommendations but not changed yet. Just wounded in you guys oppinion
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    hi all I have read a few threads about this but don’t full understand. I recently brought a vectra c 56. 1.9 Sri cdti and about 10 or so minutes in to the drive the dash clocks all light up them the ( revs speedo diesel gauge etc ) all of a sudden shut off ?? I ither open drivers door or turn...
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    Hi I was bleeding my clutch today and the hole housing snapped off!! It looks like a pipe run’s into my gearbox, does anyone know what the part is called? And how do I go about replacing it? I’ve had a look in my Haynes manual but no luck, please don’t tell me I have to remove my gearbox :cry::cry:
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    hi all, I’ve been rebuilding my new vectra 1.9 cdti 150bph it’s my upgrade from my old Astra lol This is what’s been done to it so far, New timing belt kit + water pump Egr blank with heat exchanger removed Intake cleaned out Swirl flaps removed New clutch Full service There’s loads I still...
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    Well lads having a bit of a issue with my vectra z19 cdti. Last week car wouldn't start on first turn but would on second, then now and again engine would go into limp mode and shut off as I'm driving with eml then on dash. Fuel was sitting just above red so left it for a day and then unplugged...
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    Picking up a vectra 1.9 150 elite Naw 2009 tommorow ! Anything to check before paying ?
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    Hi guys. Having a bit of trouble with my 08 Vectra SRI 1.9CDTI. I have recently changed out my thermostat + housing (genuine vauxhall part) everything ok blowers get nice and hot ect. But still temperate sits at 85 degrees max will not go up any more. Anyway 3-4weeks later I notice after 10 mins...
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    Hi All, I had a search and had no joy finding the same problem I'm seeing. I've had a 170k mile Vauxhall Vectra 1.9CDTi for the last year or so and it has performed really well. Now and again I get a good old smoke from the back of the car (fine on a motorway, not so good at traffic lights)...
1-16 of 16 Results