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swirl flaps

  1. [Vectra C] [02-08] Blanking EGR valve and fix swirl pots - advice

    Cavalier, Calibra, Vectra, Signum, Sintra & Insign
    Car is a Vectra 1.9 cdti SRi. I'm about the ask a local garage to blank off the EGR and fix the swirl pot bar which has fallen off. Apparently this needs fixing in place. I have a few questions though - even after searching and reading these forums. What are the differences between a blanking...
  2. [Vectra C] [02-08] Help codes p1109. Vectra c cdti sti 150

    Cavalier, Calibra, Vectra, Signum, Sintra & Insign
    Recently the car had been struggling to start and maintain a smooth idle. When running idle was rough like a misfire cause? But now it’s unabke to start you can hear it trying to fire but won’t get there. Plugged up to computer came up with these codes as seen in pictures. And tried boost pack...
  3. [Zafira B] [05---] Broken fuel line swirl flap delete fumes z19dth (dpf)

    Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Meriva, Adam, Agila, Combo
    Hi, I bought another zafira :barefoot: it's been running ok there has been a smell of fumes in the car since I bought it, so I investigated, 1 of the sriwl flaps properly broken letting fumes out. I blanked the flaps upon taking it apart noticed egr has been blanked. But there seems to be a...
  4. [Vectra C] [02-08] Vectra cdti 150 needs help.

    Cavalier, Calibra, Vectra, Signum, Sintra & Insign
    Hello all. First post and hoping for some pro advice. Bit of a story. Here we go. 2006 vectra cdti 150 Originaly was having issues with crank pully. It broke off sending belt behind crank wheel jamming everything up, and bang. Broke all 16 rockers. Car wouldnt start. So out with the tools take...
  5. [Zafira B] [05---] Black smoke no eml light flashing glow plug

    Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Meriva, Adam, Agila, Combo
    Hi all just bought a zafira 1.9 sri z19dth with suspect blow turbo I have replace turbo. Lots of black smoke like unburnt diesel flashing glow plug on dash no eml though. I have just blanked off the egr valve changed the boost solenoid and cleaned the map sensor with no difference. I don't have...
  6. [Vectra C] [02-08] 2005 Vectra 1.9 CDTI limp mode

    Cavalier, Calibra, Vectra, Signum, Sintra & Insign
    Hi, hoping somebody can help Car went into limp mode (no warning light) over a month ago on an overtake, dropped into 3rd to pass and lost acceleration in a second. Up hills is now 1st or 2nd and is no good at all, the car does a daily 50 mile round trip and some shorter journeys in the evening...
  7. HOW TO - Repairing / Fixing / Modifying 1.9 DTH CDTI Swirl Flaps Bar

    All Model Vauxhall / Opel / GM / Holden How2
    Guide to fitting Vauxhall Opel / Saab 1.9 16 150 TID swirl bar repair kit Before you start, check out the new guide on page 5 which provides slightly easier instructions and a link to a much cheaper swirl flap bar repair kit (y) Both @Jimmy-James instructions and the one posted by myself on...