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  1. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    Hi everyone, I do hope someone can help me with this. I was driving my Astra 1.6 petrol 2007 and at one point when I slowed down my engine just died. The board showed the battery and engine light. I waited maybe 10-20 sec and tried starting it again and it did start without any problems. This...
  2. Large Vauxhalls
    Hello again! So as per my last post regarding the noisy/faulty gearbox which is here I have eventually repaired my gearbox (bad bearings) and days after that a knocking sound has made itself present. It has appeared months ago and did not increase or decrease in intensity or anything else...
  3. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    Hi All, For some reason I'm thinking my 1.6 is sounding a little rough lately, it's the a16xer engine 2013 Anyone else think this sounds bad?
  4. Large Vauxhalls
    Hello all. Ive had success on here with last post so thought I would run this past you. On start up im hearing a chuff / chug air noise. This only happens at point of ignition and car runs fine after with no sound. Ive tried to find the noise and dont see anything. Ive also noticed a bit of a...
  5. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    hello! I have a high pitch sound coming from my air con/ fan which comes and goes as seen in the video, any ideas where the sound is coming from and how to fix it? Thanks
  6. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    Hi, I recently got an Astra '59 SRI 1.9 diesel. the 150 BHP one. Didn't realise when I bought it but its got HID's fitted. Looks like they've been done well as I haven't been flashed by other drivers for blinding them. One thing I've noticed though is that the warning noise for leaving the...
1-6 of 6 Results