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side door

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    Hi everyone, First post after joining so thanks for having me. I have a 64 plate Vivaro and have noticed the sliding side door doesn’t sit flush to the body at the top. When the door is shut, it sits out from the body but only at the top. I’ve included pictures as I’m not sure the runners...
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    Hi there, 1st time post on here and looking for some help. The SLD on my Nissan NV400 has started letting in water everytime it rains. my remedies so far: Replaced worn seal around the body/opening Adjusted the top runner guide to pull the door further in neither of which have made any...
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    Hi all. Just got a vivaro van and to save cash I'm wanting to double it up as a personal town car as well as my work bus. So. As I have kids I want a minibus seat and a n's side loading door with glass, preferably in silver if anyone has one for sale I would love to hear from you. Thanks all.