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    yesterday I drove my Vauxhall’s Astra 54 plate 1.6 back home from Manchester, when I got down to the m25 the car started shuddering violently for a second, it stopped and I thought the car was alright but then it happened again and eventually the electronic malfunction/immobiliser light came on...
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    Hey, thanks for helping ... I have a Astra - 1.6, 2005, 5 door, manual , 143 000 miles.. unleaded My car is crazy and my mechanic can't sort it.. some days it will cut out when decelerating down to to stationary (my mechanic says it is me not knowing how to drive... funny it the only car in my...
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    Hi all! Astra 1.9CDTi 8v, 80,000 miles, 6 speed box. Noticing a slight shudder from engine when in 6th gear and travelling at 1500RPM (56MPH). If I lift the foot slightly, shudder goes away, likewise if I give it more throttle. Any ideas?