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overboost p0234

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    Hi Everyone! First of all thanks in advance for your time looking at this post. I have been "shadow" user for some time now, reading all about the faults and quirks of my Astra H. It has been very informative! But the time has come when I cannot solve the problems I have and I am not sure if...
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    Looking for help on how to chase my pipes for b.c.s and check for any leaks and make sue all the pipes are in all the right places ect. When i start the car i can hear air somewhere from driver side of the car. Wondering if this could be another cause of my horrible p0234 issue.
  3. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    Hi im looking for help on this annoying problem again with over boosting after purchasing a new boost control. The car usually boost fine for 1st and 2nd gear sometimes 3rd but then it starts to loose power and revs wont go past 3000 rpm ish. I was told that this could of been a map sensor...