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  1. 09 Corsa 1.3 CDTi intermittent no start

    Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Meriva, Adam, Agila, Combo
    Hi, I bought a 09 Corsa 1.3 CDTI (Z13 DJT engine, 45k miles on the clock) just under two months ago and I’ve been having problems starting the car, that has gotten a lot worse over time. It used to be 1/5 times it would struggle to start, now it’s almost always (now not drivable). After I start...
  2. 2006 Vivaro 1.9 non start immobiliser fault

    Car Audio / Electrical / Security / Diagnostic Rel
    Hi guys, ive recently bought a 2006 vivaro 1.9 cdti I've had the van about a week and it hasn't been on the road yet as ive been sorting some bits on it, brake pads etc. The van has been driven home and started and ran throughout the time ive had it annd always started fine and central locking...
  3. [Vivaro] Vivaro 04 1.9 not starting.

    Movano and Vivaro (including Renault/Nissan Deriva
    Hi, So I'm having a nightmare with a 54 Plate Vivaro I bought last month. The van is amazing but all of a sudden one cold night she wouldn't start. Turning over but just not starting. So to the garage it went and they said glow plugs and changed them. Came out and was working fine for a few...
  4. [Zafira B] [05---] Z18XER 1.8 cranks for 15 seconds before start at cold

    Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Meriva, Adam, Agila, Combo
    I have been having a nightmare with my zafira ever since i got it last year. When i go to start it in the morning to go to work, it sometimes fires up no problem (with my foot on the floor), and other times, it will turn over, fire but then continue cranking again for another 15 seconds before...
  5. [Vectra B] [95-02] non starter

    Cavalier, Calibra, Vectra, Signum, Sintra & Insign
    Hi all. Have a y plate vectra,full service history. Started Saturday morning,parked up for two days,gone to start up,turns over but not firing,can see no leaks anywhere,never had any problem before,any help please
  6. [Astra H/Mk5] [04-09] Astra H non start no comms with engine ecu

    Car Audio / Electrical / Security / Diagnostic Rel
    Hi Folks I have an Astra H 2008 1.8 XER that wont start or crank.. Lots of codes, engine ecu checked be ecu doctor and confirmed ok Steering U2105 Communication with Engine control unit. Brakes control Unit U2105 Communication with Engine control unit. Steering column switch Module U2105...