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  1. Large Vauxhalls
    Hello, guys! Forgive me if I come across a little clueless this is my first time on such a forum and have not had my Insignia long! So, my car (59 plate 2010 YOM 2.0 CDTI Eco-flex 160) has been running pretty sweet since I have had it (January) and then a couple of weeks ago I started to...
  2. Large Vauxhalls
    Hi guys and girls I have a big problem (p1125) Have a signum 1.9 cdti 120 bhp When the engine is cold it's fine but after 10 minutes of driving it looses all boost and goes in to lim mode Had the throttle body off and cleaned it all out. Cleaned egr valve. Cleaned sensor in the back of the...
1-2 of 2 Results