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    Hello to everyone.. I own a Corsa C 1.7 DTI 2001 Isuzu Engine... I was everywhere and no one cant fix my boost. The problem is like this : From 0 rpm to 1.9 or to 2.0 it have completely no boost , above of 2 rpm it will start going as normal. We have changed MAF sensor, egr and Turbo n75...
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    Hello everyone. My friend has an 2005 Astra H with the Isuzu 1.7 CDTi engine (Z17DTH). It was originally 74kW, but he had the ECU remapped to about 100kW. After the tuning, we've noticed few weird things while the car. There were some fault codes, especially EGR related ones (insufficient flow...
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    guys what is this sound only from 3000 rpm to 4000 rpm. This sound from broken crankshaft bearings or something diferent ? engine is x17td isuzu vectra b
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    Hello , guys today i want to replace my oil pressure switch but i not found him :D Please help me with location my engine is 1.7 ISUZU motor code : X17TD :) Thanks
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    Hi guys I have a problem with lamp oil after Kindle car for the first time a cold start lamp oil pressure remains lit for about 10 seconds and then goes off, then whenever Kindle car stalls in rapidly, within 3-4 second my engine is 1.7 TD ISUZU.In now i change a oil filter , pressure sensor ...
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    Hey everyone, I have a 1997 Corsa B 1.5TD and I have advanced the injection pump. The car feels way powerful than before but it does have a bit of black smoke from the exhaust, even in high RPMs with the turbo full. I wanted to reduce the injection a bit, but a friend of mine told me it will...
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    Hey guys, In the near future I will be changing the power steering oil of my Corsa B 1.5TD from 1997. I will be following this How-To video from ChrisFix: Any one wants to give me any advice on top of that? Any thing I should be looking out for? Also, what oil should I buy? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi. I have two sensors on the thermostat housing on my engine. Can anyone tell me what they do? One of the wires has just broken, but the glow plugs still charge and the gauge works, so I can't think what else it's for. Surely not the rad fan as that has a sensor in the rad.