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intake manifold

  1. [Vivaro] Inlet Manifold replacement

    Movano and Vivaro (including Renault/Nissan Deriva
    Good morning.. I've searched the forum trying to find a guide or advice regarding replacing my air intake manifold on a 2005 1.9 dci but haven't found. I bought the van as a non runner and the previous owner had butchered the manifold attempting to remove the egr valve which currently is my...
  2. [Zafira B] [05---] P111306 Port Deactivation Sensor Circuit low voltage work around CURE

    Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Meriva, Adam, Agila, Combo
    First off I ain't a mechanic so if I don't know what it's called or what it does, it's a thingy, right! OK got my Zafira mk ll Z16XEP twinport 9 years ago, 17000 odd miles, nice clean runner no problems for the first year, about 8000 mils or so... Then we get the spanner light, spend a fortune...