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  1. [Insignia] [08-17] Have I Broken MY ECU

    Car Audio / Electrical / Security / Diagnostic Rel
    my insignia aircon was not working and was told how to check it to see if it was low on pressure by shorting out the pressure sensor switch and seeing if the compressor couch kicks in so basically I did this but I have just realised that it was not the pressure sensor that I shorted it was the...
  2. [Insignia] [08-17] Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

    Car Audio / Electrical / Security / Diagnostic Rel
    Hi I was wondering if any one can help basically my 2014 insignia 2.0 cdti service car soon keeps popping up when I start my car. It has lost all power but is still driving I scanned my car and It has come up with a p242d coke which is exhaust gas temperature sensor code so I used the scan tool...
  3. My NEW Insignia OPC

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    Hi, This is my new Insignia.
  4. [Insignia] [08-17] Help Needed -2013/14 Insignia Ecoflex Diesel - Overrevving, heating, white smoke

    Cavalier, Calibra, Vectra, Signum, Sintra & Insign
    Hi. Last night, I started driving as normal, just got on to motoway and car all of a sudden started over revving. Following that, warning sign came up saying Engine overheated and to pull over/turn engine off. RAC came out, first thought turbo, but had a look at said it didnt look bad. Then did...