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gear linkage
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  1. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    Today i got in my car to visit a patient when i noticed a clunk/knock/scrape when releasing the clutch quickly. I normally do all of the mechanical work on this car myself. I drove it to the patients house, and all the way it was making this noise, but would only do it if you released the clutch...
  2. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    Hello, My corsa c is from 2003, i changed the gear linkage in 2013 for a non genuine one. Now, i think it's about to give up again. Can someone recommend a linkage which would last as the last one? The car (1st hand) has 220000 km and may want to retire soon :) Thank!
  3. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    Hi Guys. Looking to replace my gear linkage. How do I remove the linkage at the 2 points/mounts circled in orange in the pic? The one on gearbox side lifts up easily from that metal bit attached to the bit circled. The one behind engine is the one im struggling with. Is it a case of remove...
  4. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    Hi, recently my Gear Linkage failed on my Corsa C , and my mechanic replaced it with a new one. After that the selection of gears feels really stiff and the gear doesn't center back when switching out of the gear, feels really annoying. Is this just an adjustment problem or is the part faulty...
  5. Other Car/Van Related Technical Information Requir
    Hi I am trying to track down a gear linkage/changer for Vauxhall Combo 1.7D Club Van - year 2000. Can anyone point me toward a source, new or second hand? thanks Barry
  6. Large Vauxhalls
    Hey all git a 1.8 vectra 2004 plate Was just driving it and heard a clunk (like something dropped) pulled Iver couldn't see any thing wrong what so ever So off I went then realised getting it in gear was hard so I carried on to get home and it goes in gear just have to wiggle/be forceful with...
  7. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    I have a 53 plate Astra van 1.7CDTI. Was driving home today and the gear stick went all loose and sloppy and it was stuck in 3rd. I pulled the cover off the top of the gearstick and the plastic part that goes around the gearstick has snapped. I've ordered the new part online, but I've got to...
1-7 of 7 Results