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    Hello all, One day i suddenly couldn't get into any gears so immediately taken into garage, who replaced the clutch plate. I have now driven 500~ miles since and have no problems engaging any gears except 3rd. Not exactly grinding, just not smoothly going into gear. However after roughly an...
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    Hi, just had my top mount replaced on my astra H after it failed, I'm sure the part itself is around £35 but been charged £113 by garage to replace, had in my head about £80, does this seem a bit much ? Thanks.
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    Hi folks, would you be able to recommend a good Vauxhall garage in Nottingham, please? My Meriva's MOT is due and I'd like to treat it to a major service beforehand. The brakes, tyres and other parts all had advisories at the last MOT. It's not been serviced for almost a year now as well so I'm...