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  1. SUV & 4WD Vauxhalls
    Hello everyone after abit of advice. I used the frontera the other day to go to work was fine the next day i went to go to work and wouldnt start. Starts cranking but wont fire over. Had a look today and 1st thought was the egr as had blue white smoke and when i took pipe off the egr it was fine...
  2. SUV & 4WD Vauxhalls
    Hello, How can I adjust the handbrake?, anybody have a clue? It is going up till the end, I think I read something about and that it is inside the car but really have no idea, so any help welcome! Thanks
  3. SUV & 4WD Vauxhalls
    Hey! I've been having a lot of trouble on my frontera regarding the ECU. It's flagged up the speed sensor and map sensor errors, and both sensors have been replaced. Now, it's still doing it and cutting out the engine. I brought it to a mechanic who reprogrammed the ECU and said it would still...
  4. SUV & 4WD Vauxhalls
    Hello, I have a Vauxhall Frontera which has been having a few fault issues. When the car starts up it flags up the manifold pressure sensor, and after about five minutes it flags up the speed sensor. Both of these sensors have been changed but the car keeps flagging it up. When you erase the...
1-4 of 4 Results