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error codes

  1. couple of zafira errors i cant solve

    Car Audio / Electrical / Security / Diagnostic Rel
    hey, i have a zafira 2006 1.6 and i have the following erros, car starts and drives b3055-00 Transponder Key problems b004a-00 door unlock on crash relay circuit malfunction would love to shed some light on theses on how to fix
  2. [Insignia] [08-17] Error Code 89??

    Cavalier, Calibra, Vectra, Signum, Sintra & Insign
    My first cry for help. The code’s not in the manual and the service centre is closed all weekend. (Sorry if this has been asked before but the search function won’t allow me to find a short code with only two numbers.) Anyone able to help? I have a 2012 Insignia Exclusiv
  3. [Antara] [2007 - 2011] Strange errors on dashboard

    Antara, Brava, Crossland, Grandland, Frontera, Mok
    Hello everyone, Last couple of months I am getting strange errors on my dashboard and when they come my car is limited to 40km/h. So the only solution to change that is to automatic skip 2nd gear and go into 3rd one, after that car resume normally. After some time error stay on dashboard but...
  4. [Insignia] [08-17] What are these codes?

    Cavalier, Calibra, Vectra, Signum, Sintra & Insign
    Hi guys, my car is running like hell :( it’s displaying these two codes, could anyone tell me the severity of them and a ball park price of what I’m looking at just so I can go to a garage and at least pretend I know a little lol the two codes are P0203 P0303, Thankyou.
  5. [Corsa D] [06-14] Error Codes P0036, P0141, P0135, P0302

    Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Meriva, Adam, Agila, Combo
    Hello! I ran a test yesterday on my Corsa D SXi 1.2 16v and got these error codes back. The engine light has been on for a few weeks which I was told was my o2 lambda sensor but it initially didn't cause any noticable issues when driving. However, my car now has a juddery idle and lack of power...
  6. [Meriva B] [2010 ---] Pedal test - weird results Meriva 2013

    Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Meriva, Adam, Agila, Combo
    I have a 2013 Meriva Automatic diesel and a warning light came on about 2 weeks ago, car with the spanner and the low engine power light showing code 84. My own mechanic isn't a vauxhall dealer, so he couldn't check it, took it to a dealership who then gave me a huge list of things that needed...