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    Evening all - I've tried searching for a similar thread but can't find one so I'm hoping someone can advise. I dropped my keys and the main plastic head of the key split open. I clicked it back together and attempted to start the car. It wouldn't start. I realised the immobiliser/transponder...
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    Hi everyone! I'm installing (again) the timing belt due to a water pump replacement, but now i'm noticing that my tensioner (brand new) is not getting into the "right tension mark". It always ends up like this: even when the water pump is on the furthest position: I've bought a new...
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    I recently successfully swapped a 1.5TD into my Combo B van. I love the engine. It's fast on boost, it doesn't leak, it's reliable. I did the white ring mod before fitting the engine, and a full service (filters, plugs, fluids). For the first few months after the swap, I had the fuel pump...
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    Anyone on here got a c16xe head forsale????
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    Hey everyone, my '95 Corsa B 1.5TD has all the central console lights burnt. I'm looking to replace them, so I'm asking for any tips and trick on how to disassemble the whole console. Also, what type of bulb does it use? So I can buy a few before I start to disassemble it. Also, I might need to...
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    Hey guys, In the near future I will be changing the power steering oil of my Corsa B 1.5TD from 1997. I will be following this How-To video from ChrisFix: Any one wants to give me any advice on top of that? Any thing I should be looking out for? Also, what oil should I buy? Thanks in advance.
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    Hey guys, I have this engine, 1.5TD Isuzu from a corsa b of 1995. There's a few metal tubes on the termostar housing that have too much rust, we want to replace them with new ones. The question is: can this tubes be removed from the termostat housing, since they have that grooving in them...
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    Hi all, I absolutely love my combo van. I've had 2 of them, which add up to 12 years of customising the interior with camping equipment, gadgets, comforts and entertainment. I also had this one resprayed 2 years ago, so irrespective of cost, I'm keeping this little van forever. Just so that...
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    Hi. I have two sensors on the thermostat housing on my engine. Can anyone tell me what they do? One of the wires has just broken, but the glow plugs still charge and the gauge works, so I can't think what else it's for. Surely not the rad fan as that has a sensor in the rad.