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    Looking to see if anyone has ever put a DOUBLE seat swivel in a Movano/Master Mk2? Maybe its not possible! Any advice or recommendations?
  2. Charging of leisure battery

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    Hi fellows! I have looked for a way to charge a leisure battery in my Vivaro (2010), and have bought a VSR. I have problems understanding if the type I bought will fit. This is a single sense VSR stated to have a continuous rating of 125 amp, and an intermitting rating of 140 amp. The alternator...
  3. Missing earth

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    Hi, just wondering if anyone with some electrical knowledge can help me. I've wired in the double pole RCD /MCB unit and sockets in the van. However when I checked the set up with a socket tester, I seem to have a missing earth! I looked at the set up again and indeed there is no earth from the...
  4. Gas hob injectors in campervan

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    Hi, I've just installed a 2 burner dometic cooker top (rated 2.6Kw) in my camper kitchen and have found the back burner to be useless! The flame is so weak on the back burner that it goes out, and there is no way I could even cook a baked bean on it! On closer inspection it has a .50 (1Kw)...
  5. [Renault Trafic] Changing seats

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    Hi everyone. I have this Renalut Trafic conversion van and I'm having troubles changing the front seats. I bought these 2 Ford Galaxy capten swivels seats and doesn't feet the base I have and I can't find a base for them. Do you know of any base that will fit the Galaxy seats into the Renault...
  6. [Vivaro] Update Camper Project - We Have Windows!

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    Hi Guys, Exciting times ahead! :D:D:D Yesterday we picked up the flashband, recycled fluffy stuff, and ply wood! We already had the bubble wrap given to us. Came to a grand total of £146. I was expecting it to cost more, so we have probably forgotten something. We still have to buy the...
  7. Bedford Rascal wheel wrench

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    I'm about to embark on a journey across Europe in my converted Bedford Rascal campervan, however when checking the spare tyre, realised I could not find the wheel wrench. Where is the wheel wrench located in the vehicle? I know the jack is underneath the passenger seat, should the wheel wrench...