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  1. Large Vauxhalls
    I heard it's the "sportiest" of the stock 8-valve cams, but how big is the power increase really? It'd be cool if someone also knew the degrees of the 1.3 cam since i haven't found them anywhere.
  2. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    Hi, I have an 08 Zafira, which drives fine. Last year, I didn't change oil until the low oil sign came up (13 months since service) and after that, the engine was making the noises when idle, typical of the rocker breathing problem that many people suffer from. I bought a brand new rocker cover...
  3. Large Vauxhalls
    Hi, sorry for naff question. Thinking of buying 2006 Vectra Estate Sri 1.8. Done 95k so I asked seller if the cam belt had ever been replaced, he replied "it's a chain" Is that correct? Thanks.
  4. Large Vauxhalls
    Hi I have a 2010 Vauxhall insignia CDTI which the cam belt has snapped. Just wondering if you could give me any advice I am considering my options. 1. Option 1: Supply and fit a replacement engine a. Any suggestions on a supplier b. Any ideas on the cost 2. Option 2: Sell the car as it...
1-4 of 4 Results