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  1. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    Ok, so not long ago just after buying my zafira I had to change the starter, upon stripping old one, Haynes said I need to unclip oil pipes from a braket attached to starter that wasnt there, thought nothing of it. Many swear words later I got the starter out to find the ends chewed up and soon...
  2. Large Vauxhalls
    been rooting through my glovebox and have come across a metal bracket. Doesn'tseem to be damaged but I have no ideas where it’s from. Can any of you guys shed any light on what it is? Or shall I just bin it.
  3. Vivaro / Movano Camper Van / Day Van Conversions (
    Has anyone had some experience with these awnings and how they can be fitted to a 2014 LWB Renault Trafic/Vivaro? I have removed the 3 roof bars on my van and am wondering if these awnings can be fitted using a ready made brackets to the existing roof holes which were meant for the roof bars? I...
1-3 of 3 Results