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  1. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    Hi All I have a leak on my LHS brake line where it meets the break pipes, so i' just going to replace the lot, both sides came up on advisory and my mate who done the MOT said they would need doing next year but since i've got the leak now i'm going to get it ALL sorted now. I have ordered...
  2. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    Hi, ive ordered a replacement abs pump for my 07 1.4 astra 3 door. It has the traction/esp light on the dash but oddly no abs light. Diagnosis conformed it was abs pressure sensor failure - C0130, U2105 & U2018. So ordered a cheap pump from ebay with all numbers and codes match mine exactly so I...
  3. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    So, I've done around 15,000 since new clutch, csc / dmf, etc was fitted and bled it again after a clutch master cylinder change and car has been sweet for last 15,000. Jumps in this morning to pedal travelling halfway down and biting right at the floor. So basically drove it 30 miles using the...
  4. Vauxhall Vans, Minibuses & Campervans Area
    Hi guys. Just serviced my 2014 Renault Trafic 2.0 dci, which involved replacing the diesel filter. I bled the filter and all works fine withwno problems starting it. However, I have noticed that a very small amount of fuel is leaking from the base of the plastic bleed screw. I have tightened it...
  5. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    Anyone in Wolverhampton that can extract a snapped bleed nipple? I have had the car 6 months and decided it was time to clean up the calipers and slides but when I got to the last one front near side the bleed nipple was snapped off so can't do anything with it.
  6. Small/Medium Vauxhall Cars Area
    Hi everybody i am new to this forum not sure if what im doing is right but here goes. So i have an Astra H 1.6 Easytronic with the fault code P1607 - clutch actuator malfunction. I am about the strip it out to send it off to be repaired. I know what needs to be done to put it back together and...
1-6 of 6 Results