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2006 astra 1.7cdti hatchback
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Here's a picture ofthe chopper I'm building at the moment, and to say that I've never built a goose necked chopper bike then I think that I'm not doing too badly at it eh!!??
Don't get me wrong or owt like that bcoz I've built other things like a few race cars, and that's including drift race cars aswell, coz I used to do a bit of drifting in the championship myself for a bit!!! And I didn't really do too bad really bcoz I ended up in around 6th place out of around 72 competitors at the start of the season!! So I don't think that I did that rubbish, and also in the finals at Pembrey in Wales and I had to lend a car from a mate because mine blew the turbo on it!! And this guy was a lot taller and bigger than I was, so driving his car wasn't an easy thing to do!!!! And I think that if I were in my own car then I'd have at least come in the top three, if not winning it!!! :)
Plus I've built plenty of bikes and even pedal bikes aswell, but I've put petrol engines in em, and also electric motors in em too, and I have even built an hybrid mountain bike that had the petrol engine charging the battery system on it and then you had no need to be charging it at home etc!!! And I thought that this was a good idea, because it would also have potential for it to be used in other vehicles!!! Imagine never having to plug in an electric vehicle and then driving as many miles as you want to!!??
But the same thing as usual I haven't had any kind of feedback on it!!!