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  • shaunb51 ·

    Can you find a seemless way to link my 2 threads, I'm hoping some one will be able to give it the once over to sel if it actuallu exists and wha the condition is.


    Aidy-vectrac ·
    Hi Fred, id just like to let you know that ive been under the bonnet most of the day trying to determine the problem with my vectra, i put it down to the sensor's on the rail after taking your advice, and the post you put me in the direction of.. Ive changed both the sensors and now runs absoloutley perfect! cant thank you enough for your help you gave me.

    Muchly Apprieciated
    langy ·
    just read your post on the thread about the guy who's bought a car and it's developing problems, and the reference to a dealer in derby, wouldn't happen to be derby car centre would it ?.... i've had dealings with them in the past and i seem to remember him getting into some serious **** over selling 'dodgy motors'....
    Fred Bassett · ·
    Yes that's the man ! Derby council & trading standards have been trying for years to stop him trading .
    IKY114P ·
    800rpm down to about 400ish feels like its about to stall and does sometimes sometimes its fine at idle. car drives fine otherwise a mate whos a mechanic said to use a can of diesel magic in the tank if not then its most likely the boost pressure sensor any help plzzzz
    IKY114P ·
    Hi need some help/advice I have an astra 1.7cdti ecoflex 2009 problem is when car gets to operating temp at idle for example at lights every so often the revs begin to surge from about
    denis ·
    hi fred, I got your message via email but cant seem to find the thread I started on here. it was the reply to my exhaust and lack of boost problem. the zafira is a 04 gsi. cheers
    gmyler ·
    I notice you have a 08 astra 1.7 cdti ..
    I have a 07 version , and 4 months ago i had a engine fitted
    I have noticed that on mine the crank sensor lead has a connection
    coming off the lead and i cant figure out where it should go ...
    its just tucked behind the injection pipes at the mo
    do you have a connection coming off your cam sensor
    half way down the lead ??
    Thanks gary
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