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  • Sam Atkins ·
    I have removed the coil pack, put a plug in and grounded it and it sparks well. I have removed the petrol feed pipe onto the injector manifold and there’s plenty of fuel when priming. I have even replaced the crankshaft sensor which was fun but still no joy. Help!!
    Fred Bassett · ·
    Your Corsa needs GM compatible diagnostics.
    Your present scanner won’t be able to interrogate all the cars various modules.
    Your engine management light is staying on so that means the system has logged a diagnostic trouble code.
    Sam Atkins ·
    Hi Fred

    My mums 2013 corsa 1.0 petrol eco flex won’t start.
    There have been no warning signs if a problem, just went to start this morning but no luck.

    All the lights extinguish with exception of the management light. The spanner light does not flash but is steady and also extinguishes.
    rick45 ·
    Morning Fred,
    Do you know offhand what size the leak back nipple is Dia & inner dia on Zaf 1.9 120 bhp injector is mate, I am replacing all the pipework on the VACUUM system but this pipe size is baffling everybody, just them little lengths that go on the injectors leak back nipples.
    Dalvir ·
    I started a thread with title:-
    Vectra b, error code 0340 (cam sensor incorrect signal), missing 5V feed from ECU
    It has been brought to my attention that it is under Ampera but should be Vectra. I shall be grateful if you could please move it for me as the response has been very poor.

    Jeremy Le Vine ·
    Just a quick comment - I have a 57 plate Corsa 1.3 cdti that has 300000 miles! and did have ecu problems....took off and dried out but no good, then used a water displacer similar to WD40 ----works like a treat and now continuing to rack up the miles. Has anyone a higher mileage one?
    bweb ·
    hi fred thanks for the advice, I fitted a new starter motor yesterday and used the car on and off most of the day ,no problems! the orange spanner light still lights up briefly on starting then soon goes off is there a code that needs removing? thanks once again
    Milliamp master ·
    Hi Fred,Seen a few of your answers to some questions and you seem very knowledgable,so if you don’t mind a little question for you is,I have been looking at the angel ad410 code reader to read the codes on my combo 2005 plate van,could I ask your opinion on this computer or can you steer me in the right direction obviously I don’t want to spend the earth,thanx in advance for your opinion.
    Craigm7500 ·
    Hi Fred could I bother you with a question.i have a Astra 1.6 petrol sri and it's not starting first time in the morning it turns over but then the engine rumbles a little then cuts off but give it a couple more tries and it will stay running and it will start ok the rest of the day.thanks for any replays or advise of anyone else that could help.
    rallyman1 ·
    Hi I am new to this site can you or can you point me in the right direction to find a solution to my query I am looking to connect up to the reverse wire circuit on my astra mk7 hatch back the wiring is routed through the tailgate I have thought about the reverse light switch on the auto gearbox but do not know the location of the switch, or picking it up from inside the received with thanks Rallyman1
    Chris clancy ·
    Yeh on the pedal test
    Fred Bassett · ·
    We don't know what's present & what's not present , get the car plugged in to a code reader to see wether or not , one or all of the codes are present .
    Chris clancy ·
    just wondering if anyone could give me some advice I've had some error codes come up and I've tried looking on Google but getting all different answers , does anyone no what the codes 070458 / 110962 / 000275 are , and if possible could you get back to me asap
    ALEX-21RUS ·
    hi. I have access to CARPASS Opel.Vauxhall.Saturn.Holden how to implement it on your forum?
    Fred Bassett · ·
    You need to pm Alex or Cavwebmaster to set up being an approved trader .
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