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[Antara] [2007 - 2011] Whistling Antara

Discussion in 'Antara, Brava, Frontera, Mokka & Monterey owners forum' started by Jason Kierznowski, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Jason Kierznowski

    Jason Kierznowski Member

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    My Antara has started to whistle when I accelerate. It is loud and everyone at work asks me what is wrong with my car and when will I have it fixed... Rather embarrassing.


    I've been in to Vauxhall and they gave me a story about it being normal and that a lot of Antaras make that noise. I've been to an independent garage who says it shouldn't be making that noise and that there is either a damaged pipe or a turbo problem.

    I don't really want to commit to having the turbo replaced if that isn't the problem. For those of you that had had this problem, what did you do to resolve the issue?

    Many thanks
  2. oberlisc

    oberlisc VxON Club Member VxON Club Member

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    Vectra Sri 1.9cdti Nav 150
    Welcome to the forum

    Check the breather house's aren't split and are secure on the turbo.

    Whats the engine size and fuel, whats the mileage.
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  3. Jason Kierznowski

    Jason Kierznowski Member

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    2008 2.0cdti. I found a little independent garage this morning. The old boy jacked the car up and climbed underneath it (old school). He said he found the problem and that there was a blow between the turbo and the manifold. He replaced the gasket bolted everything back up and all is as it was, finally.

    Cost me £85. I really don't know why I've had such a hard time with other garages. I think the problem is that nobody wants to start a mechanical investigation until they are guaranteed a few hundred £££'s for their effort.

    Hope this message helps others.

    All the best
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