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[Vectra C] [02-08] Vectra C Estate Parking Sensor Fit

Discussion in 'Cavalier, Calibra, Vectra, Signum, Sintra & Insignia owners forum' started by MarkVXOwner, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. MarkVXOwner

    MarkVXOwner New Member

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    Thanks for all your help given here. I fitted rear senses to my Vectra C Estate this afternoon and just have to add a little note for fellow estate owners thinking of doing the same.

    1. Remove the rear light clusters
    2. Remove the Rear Bumber Luggage Guard (the plastic strip on the top). Remove this by using a screw driver along the edge adjacent with the boot and push the strip out towards the back of the car. Start at one end and pop it off working your way along the edge.
    3. Now that all screws are accessible, you should have 3 Torx 20 screws in each wheel arch. I used a Torx 20 bit griped in a set of mole grips.
    4. Remove the 2 Torx 20 screws one each side which were hidden by the rear light clusters.
    5. Remove the 4 Torx 20 screws which were hidden by the bumper luggage guard.
    6. Stick your head underneath the back bumper and you should see two plastic straps holding the bottom bumper in place. Just pull these down.
    7. Now grab the bumper at each wheel arch and pull outwards. The bumper will pop out.
    8. Push down the clip located in each rear light cluster and while doing so, push the bumper backwards. The bumper should now come loose and can be removed.

    The locations of the sensors where unfortunately not pre marked as I have seen on some posts. I have fitted the two inner sensors inline vertically with the two inner screw holes in the bumper where the luggage guard sat. The two outer sensors were positions vertically inline with the middle of the reflectors on the bottom of the bumper strip. Horizontally, the sensors were all in line with the centre of the towing hook cover.

    The wiring went through the vent in the rear wing which is hidden by the bumper as some of you have mentioned as doing. the cables come into the car very easily and neatly.

    The back right sensor did pop out when putting the bumper back on due the polestyrene which lies within the bumper, simply pulling the sensor out and scraping away a little allowed the sensor to fit back in perfectly.

    Fitting the bumper is the reverse of removal. Very chuffed and only took approximately an hour.

    Thanks again to everyone who helped give me the information needed to tackle this project myself and I hope other estate owners will find this information useful.

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    DAVID JASPER New Member

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    Hi, where did you wire the sensors into as the reversing lights are fitted into the boot lid? Is there a ready fitted connector hidden away?


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