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  1. howie91

    howie91 New Member

    Likes Received:
    Hi all.

    I would like some tips of how to remove the drive shaft from my car. at first i thought about taking it off at the inner CV by undoing bolts, but got to a stage where it was hard to fit a spanner, and gave up, as i needed some hand cleaner ASAP.

    When i went to my work place Halfords, a friend of mine said that i can do it that way, but the better way is to remove the wish bone, and then pull, and it should pop out, nice and easy and no real mess. I have undone the ball joint the thing that connect to the disc brake and what have you. I then undid the rear bolt on the wish bone. I have taken off all the other bolts, like the anti roll bars, and the steering bar. I got round to undoing the other bolt on the wish bone where its in a little capsule but this bolt will not come undone, and is now hindering my progress.

    As i need to put a new engine in as the other has broken, and this it the only way I can get it out, by using a engine lift, so the it will have to be broken at the gear box...

    I hope that makes sense.. just leave any tips you have.
  2. greasemonkey

    greasemonkey VXon Frontera Monkey VxON Club Member

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    Bury St Edmunds Isuzu Land
    yes your friend is right they should just pop out of the gearbox but sometimes they need a bit of a lever - try a big pry bar not slow push but sharp this should release the clip and allow it to come out along with the oil
  3. Gunzi

    Gunzi New Member

    Likes Received:
    Agreed, just tug it firmly and it will pop out. Make sure it is as straight as possible when you pull it.

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