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[Frontera] Potentially buying a Frontera what should I look out for

Discussion in 'Antara, Brava, Frontera, Mokka & Monterey owners forum' started by abz2005, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. abz2005

    abz2005 Member

    Likes Received:
    Hello all,

    I'm on the look out for a Frontera B LWB, I have 2 in mind that I want to go and see

    Frontera 1 - 2002 3.2 Automatic, LPG conversion 111k 3 owners, all in running order according to advert, I do like the look and sound of this one but it's automatic and thats the only thing putting me off

    Frontera 2 - 2001 2.2 DTI, 80K 1 owner from new, not been used in over a year as it started to smoke, white on start up then black when warmed up, now I know the fuel pump is weak on these and hoping its something else such as EGR, vac pipes, leak off pipes, sensor, etc. I'm told the car starts and drives its just smokey.

    Could someone give me some advice regarding Frontera's what to look out for etc, also does the second one sound like it could be fuel pump, when the fuel pump goes bad is it either working or not or are there signs before it goes.

    Thanks in advance for any advice
  2. jayb32

    jayb32 Member

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    Swb Frontera Sport 2012 Antara 4x4
    On a B series the maim thing to look for is rust on the rear of the sills and chassis rails where rear trailing arms bolt to chassis.

    Clocks are renowned for only working with the side lights on too. 2.2dti is notorious for FP issues, the pump itself is fine, it's the ecu/throttle potentiometer mounted on the pump that fails.

    2.2 petrol is gutless and prone for head gasket issues, V6 is cream of the crop but has a thirst to rival Oliver Reed and uses a lot of oil.

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