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  1. Brother Binary

    Brother Binary Member

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    Hi everyone - I'm new to this forum, so apologies in advance for any stupid questions. I've tried searching old threads for a solution to this problem, without success.

    Briefly, I have a 2002 french Zafira 2.2dti. I don't think this model was sold in the UK, but I believe the engine was fitted to the UK Vectra 2.2 dti. A while ago, the EML came on - I had the fault codes read at a local dealership - P0100.

    I changed the MAF sensor, and all seemed well, but the EML is now coming on again - intermittently. On a recent 1200 mile run from France to the UK and back (the only journey since fitting the new MAF), I eventually noticed the following symptoms.
    1. When driving on A roads, with constant on off throttle and braking, the light doesn't come on and all is well.
    2. When driving on a motorway at constant speed, after a while, the problem occurs with the following pattern - the light comes on briefly, and then off, three times. The interval varies - can be 20 miles or less than 1 mile, but tends to get shorter over time. On the fourth time it stays on. I then turn the ignition off and back on - the EML goes out, and all is well for a few miles untill it starts again - always three times on and self-clearing - then on permanently until I turn off the ignition.
    During the journey, the distance between appearances of the EML tends to shorten - sometimes only a few miles before needing to reset. When returning to A roads, the light does not come on.

    When the EML is on, the engine will only rev to around 3000 RPM, and the cruise control is disabled.

    I hope this makes sense. Any ideas as to what's going on? Any help very gratefully received.


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