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How to get Vauxhall car pass code information

Discussion in 'Car Audio / Electrical / Security / Diagnostic Related' started by cavwebmaster, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. cavwebmaster

    cavwebmaster CavWeb/VxON Forums Admin & Founder Staff / Administrator VxON Club Member VxON Approved Trader

    Likes Received:
    Modified Astra H Sporthatch 150 CDTI
    If you want to pair keys, add cruise control or activate other systems and controls then you may need the car pass code. This is a 4 digit code and comes printed on a credit card sized card which also has the code for the original Vauxhall stereo / radio.

    This information is only supplied by a Vauxhall main dealer and they require a photocopy of your V5 (Logbook) and a look at your driving licence. It takes upto 48hrs for the information to come back to the dealer which will be printed out for you until your new card arrives in the post (they are sent out in bulk weekly)

    Prices vary so if you have at least 2 local main dealers ring them both. I was quoted £29.73+ VAT by Pentagon but only £20+ VAT from Evans Halshaw :eh

    I hope this helps someone (y)
  2. gazzspeight

    gazzspeight Member

    Likes Received:
    North East
    Just ordered mine today from Patricks in Durham, £120 for Car Pass & Replacement key, programmed & cut! inc vat & labour.
  3. mj1103

    mj1103 Member

    Likes Received:
    I have been waiting 5 days now for mine. Local dealer Evan Halshaw are trying to get a code for me but stating that Vauxhall are struggling to find it??? Anyone else had this dilemma and what was the outcome?
  4. swinswin25

    swinswin25 VxON Club Member VxON Club Member

    Likes Received:
    astra Elite 14 plate & Fiesta titanium X 13 plate
    I must just be lucky , my car pass for my corsa was dot matrix printed and you could not tell 9 from 8-0-6 so i went to Marshall in Leicester and spoke to the girl on the parts desk and she phoned some one and got the full code there and then , wrote it down and smiled and said have a nice day , so if you get an old car pass scruff up the numbers then with luck you may just get it for free all the best
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