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[Antara] [2011 --->] goodbye

Discussion in 'Antara, Brava, Frontera, Mokka & Monterey owners forum' started by antarasteve, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. antarasteve

    antarasteve Member

    Likes Received:
    vauxhall antara
    so after nearly 5 troublesome years, its time to say goodbye to you guys and the millstone around my neck, otherwise known as the antara.
    sad thing is, the antara could have been one of the best suv's on the road - but sadly let down by shoddy build, substandard technology and non existant back up by manufacturer and dealer.
    i, personally, have been let down by both the manufacturer and dealer, and found out first hand that the 'vauxhall lifetime 100k warranty' is totally worthless.
    as a result, i will never buy another vauxhall, or deal with E H ever again, as i don't like being lied to and stolen from.
    anyway, i have a parcel shelf cover and a superchips bluefin remap unit if anyone is interested - message/e mail me for details.
    so goodbye good people, and good luck ..... i think you will need it !
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  2. oberlisc

    oberlisc VxON Club Member VxON Club Member

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    Vectra Sri 1.9cdti Nav 150
    Sorry to hear your leaving the fold, don't be put of by the Brand, you just happened to be unlucky and deal with a dealer that doesn't give a sh1t, Evans Halshaw are spreading themselves very thing throughout the country trying to become the dealer for every brand, their reputation is getting very close to Arnold Clarke for quality of service, you would get better service from a smaller dealership franchised to the brand.
  3. vexorg

    vexorg Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    We bailed after 2 years, the loss in changeover was so worth it. I'm the same, will probably never buy another new vauxhall after buying that.
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