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  1. barge17

    barge17 Member

    Likes Received:
    02 Zafira Diesel
    I have a problem with my 02 Zarira 2.0 DTI since I was messing with fuses a week ago. It turns over won't start and the glow plug light doesn't come on.

    I have checked all the fuses and found them all OK.
    Also checked on the fusebox back where it seems that the red ones are all live all constantly whilst the black ones are live with ignition.

    I have had the ecu off - what a marvelous position they chose to hide
    it - under the wheelarch !

    There is voltage on a couple of pin sockets for the ecu, - pin 20 and another, but the three bigger sockets in the connector are dead.

    The Computer reader says " communication malfunction on W-line and has the folowing faults present:

    B 3040 body module immobiliser

    B3059 no engine request received

    so I wonder where to go from here? which pins on the sockets should be live and why are they numbered to 25 on the first row when there are only 19 in the row + the three big ones (numbered 1 2 and 3 ) ?

    this is before I start looking for another ecu.

    .cheers, David
  2. ALLYQ

    ALLYQ Active Member

    Likes Received:
    Dalry Ayrshire
    Engine code Y20DTH PSG 5 pump
    I would check main fuse F8 80A Glow plug control supply
    also F6 20A supply to relay K18 ECU
    Both in main fuse box engine compartment
    Also F3.46 15A ignition voltage passenger compartment
    Got some wiring diagrams and connector views if you want them

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