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  1. dwilly

    dwilly Member

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    Have had a few problems recently that have mostly been cured by replacing the ECU, the plug on top of the ECU had come loose and I thought I'd fixed it by cable tyeing it down but eventually this broke some of the connections withing the ECU. Have now replaced it and all is well, but both before and after replacing the ECU the coolant warning light remains illuminated, using OP-COM it is logging two fault codes, P0480 & P0481, both relate to fan relay voltage being low, using Vauxhall TIS software it points me toward K13 relay and asks to check voltage etc, but my Astra Estate has Air Con fitted and K13 relay isn't fitted to an Air Con model! Am I missing something or am I looking at a defective Air Con Control Module, any idea how to test the module? At present the Air Con isn't working so maybe connected. Any advise?

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