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[Frontera] Brakes and Oil pump

Discussion in 'Antara, Brava, Frontera, Mokka & Monterey owners forum' started by vmaxnick, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. vmaxnick

    vmaxnick New Member

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    Jag XK8 MR2 Turbo Renault Laguna Vauxhall Frontera 2.3 Td
    If you drive a Frontera 2.3 TD (A) You will probably know this already, but just in case you don't; If you experience a brake pedal which goes about half way down then feels like it's solid but doesn't actually brake any harder, it's the caliper pins seizing up in the front caliper, remove the bolt and pads, then try to get the top pin free to slide, soak it in silicone grease or rubber grease until it slides, copper slip on the bottom pin and resemble. If you are forced to bleed the system, bleed it as you would any other car, then leave it overnight, it will finish itself off. (Don't ask me why)
    Drop the sump guard and undo the Allen bolts in the oil pump base, drop the cogs out and replace them at least every 50k miles or if the oil pressure abruptly drops. These cogs are sacrificial and must be changed as a service item.
    Just sharing a couple of tips I've picked up through many years of Frontera ownership. Take it or leave it.

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