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  1. Tommy92

    Tommy92 Member

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    astra mk5 1.3 cdti life
    Hi Fellow Vauxhall owners, its been a while lol, now, my astra has always had a slight judder in high gears at low revs etc, but recently it has become more common, for example, its started doing it in fourth gear (never done it in forth gear before) when i approach even the slightest incline at say 1500 revs, the whole car judders like crazy, to bypass this I have to either plant my foot hard down or take my foot off the pedal and back on again............. any thoughts anyone ????? p.s it has been remapped and the egr deleted, recently serviced oil, oil filter and air filter but fuel filter not been done since more than 20,000 miles ago could this be the cause ??? any thoughts welcome please thank you :)

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